Writing your report

Paper details:As you have learned thus far in the course, writing detailed and accurate reports is very important in the criminal justice field. To complete this assignment, you will choose one of the scenarios from the list provided below. If you are not sure which report you would like to focus on, feel free to download all the links and review them prior to making your selection.
You will base your complete report on your response to the scenario you select. Part I is the report template, and Part II is a reflection of what you learned in this assignment. Note: Both Parts (I and II) of this assignment are contained in the scenario documents. You do not need to add anything to the template other than your responses.

Select one of the three scenarios and download the template to your computer by clicking the links below: USE SCEN
Scenario 1: Report of Theft of Property From a Vehicle [DOCX].
Scenario 2: Complaint and Warrant Report [DOCX].
Scenario 3: Presentence Investigation Report [DOCX].
Part I:

Submit a completed report template that contains accurate information based on the scenario you selected.
Part II:

Write a 300–350 word, double-spaced reflection on what you learned in this assignment.

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