Writing Assignment- History

The purpose of this assignment is to explore public health history and to become familiar with early public health leaders and their contributions to our field.


Read about all of the eras in chapter 2.
Pick 2 (from the list below) to focus on for this assignment.
Answer the following questions for each your eras. Answer all of the questions. You may use Q and A format. Please provide a thorough and complete response to earn full credit:
Describe the health challenges of this era
What were the factors (beliefs, knowledge or lack of knowledge, etc.) that influenced these health problems?
Explain the health advances of this era. (If any!)
Your favorite fun or interesting fact from that era.
If a Health Educator from today could go back in time what piece knowledge, or skill would you most want to introduce and why?

Early cultures (include Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans…this is 1 era!)
Middle Ages
Enlightenment and 1800s (do these as 1 era!)
1700s and 1800s in the United States (do these as1 era!)
1900 to today

One word or one sentence responses are not considered complete and thorough. Provide explanation, examples, rationale, reasoning with your responses.

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