Write the background of organization and evaluate the defining factors of the nonprofit chosen for your final project

Paper details:

The company you will be writing on is called roundabout theater company, based in New York City. In this deliverable, you will be providing an overview of the background of the organization and evaluating the defining factors of the nonprofit chosen for your final project. Be sure to include the following in your assignment:
§ The name, location, and history, including how long ago the nonprofit was founded, what are the functions, and what clientele they serve.
§ Describe the history of the organization.
§ Explain the mission, vision, and values of the nonprofit enough to explain the auspices of how it operates. For example:
§ Is the organization governmental, secular, or faith-based?
§ What are the geographical factors, including local, state, national, and international?
§ What other agencies do they have relationships with that help facilitate the work?
§ Is the leadership appointed or elected?
§ What is the size of the organization?
§ What is the organization’s culture?
§ How do all of the factors you are discussing contribute to the nonprofit’s creation and growth?

This deliverable assignment should be 5-7 pages, with appendices for the vision and mission. The title, reference page, and appendices do not count towards the page count. Format the document with double spacing, in Arial or Times New Roman, and 12-point font.

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