Write a memorandum






Following previous suggestions from employees to work from home, the management under careful consideration has decided to inform you that this will be possible. This plan should begin with trials as from next month when eligible employees get the opportunity. 

The company requires interested staffs to converse with their manager to assess whether their position will be appropriate to work at the comfort of home. This assessment will ensure that the productivity of the company will not decrease by having employees working at home. Upon approval, the employees must submit Form 4A to their human resources representative. There will be a three months trial period for the approved staffs to monitor their performance and ensure efficiency. In addition, they will be obliged to submit a weekly log of the tasks accomplished at home. The company heavily depends on each employee responsibility and commitment to make this arrangement a success.

The company will withdraw this plan if the level of productivity decreases and the staff do not play their part accordingly. However, for the employees who their position in the company cannot allow them to work from home, the company is seeking ways to make it possible. Meanwhile, they will be given at least three days off in the official working days in a month. To apply for this arrangement, interested persons should draft a letter and send it via email to the manager. The list of approved employees will be posted on the notice board. Applications should be made with immediate effect to avoid any inconvenience.

In case of any question, feel free to ask. Meanwhile, I look forward to your cooperation as we make working from home a reality.

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