Write a Cultural Narrative Essay

*Make your own topic*

Paper details:
Cultural Narrative modeled after “Of Cholos and Surfers” by Jack Lopez

(3+ pages, 900 words)

Sources: NONE

Write a Cultural Narrative Essay. Choose a story that fits the scope of the essay and has a purpose. Remember to include concrete, sensory details.

Focus on one incident that occurred in the past that spanned a day, a couple days, or at most, a week. Use specific, vivid, concrete details to describe this single incident. Be sure to include 1-3 lines of dialogue in the crisis, which should be situated in Paragraph 3.

Your thesis statement should mention a conflict regarding a cultural identifier and an expression of it, along with a preview of three events in the essay that follow the narrative arc.

Example of process of determining the thesis (rough draft of thesis):

One time that I learned how to resolve an aspect of my cultural identity (in this case, it is ethnicity, but it is not necessary to write it here) with peer pressure (the conflict) was when I was 1) confronted about my name (this is the expression of the cultural identifier), 2) experienced bullying for being different, and 3) decided that I liked being a hybrid.
The actual thesis statement would then look like this:

One time that I learned how to resolve an aspect of my cultural identity with peer pressure was when I was challenged regarding my name, bullied on the playground, and realized that I liked being different.
You are encouraged to be creative when composing your thesis (and your essay!), but please be sure that the necessary elements are present and the organizational structure is followed.

The essay should contain:

An introductory paragraph with a thesis statement and three supporting details;
Three body paragraphs that address the supporting details with specific evidence;
A conclusion paragraph that summarizes the thesis statement and mentions the supporting details, along with a personal component that wraps up the main theme of the essay.
The essay will be evaluated in terms of unity, support, coherence, and sentence skills. There should be no research involved in this essay, as it is all about YOU!

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