write a case brief on any CRIMINAL CASE of your choice: Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade

Paper details:

After you do the above, write a case brief on any CRIMINAL CASE of your choice – case must be decided by the SCOTUS.” SCOTUS = Supreme Court Of The United States

Summary of the above sources – please note that you must cover at least the following 12 specific issues:

Year Decided
Judge (Justice/Judge)
Procedural History
Court Decision
Dissenting Opinion
Case Significance
Conclusions/Discussions/Policy Implications (your views)
If you are in doubt on any of the requirements or instructions on this assignment please consult the Instructor. Please comply with all of the following requirements GUIDES:

1. Please use a cover page for your written assignments, papers and projects.

2. Have an appropriate title for your work please.

3. Please use paragraphs in almost everything you write – use paragraphs as appropriate to organize your points and also to help make your work more reader-friendly.

4 Please try to meet the minimum page/word requirement – please use it to showcase your research and writing skills. Remember that the minimum page does NOT include your cover page, your abstract and your list of reference … if any. Deliverable length = 2-5 pages of narratives….

5. Please remember to use APA in-text citations to support your work so readers may not think that you are speculating or guessing – this is especially in the “Case Significance” section of your case brief. There are TWO requirements in supporting your work in the APA writing style (1) in-text citations and (2) list of references. These two requirements are needed!! This is the requirement at college level all over the world. You can cite our course text – see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/02/

6. A list of references is required as this goes hand in hand with your in-text citations. A list of references is required. This is DIFFERENT from in-text citations.

7. Remember to arrange your list of references in alphabetical order.

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