Work and working lives in a changing business environment


Work and working lives in a changing business environment,

Paper details: This assignment has 4 question to be answered and each question should be answered in 1,000 word.

The questions are as follow:

1- You have been asked to advise your senior management team (SMT) about how your organization can support the use of technology in the workplace in ways which will enhance employees’ experiences of working life. What THREE distinct points would you make? Justify your answer

2- In what ways and to what extent does government policy in the field of education affect HR and L&D practice in organizations? Illustrate your answer with THREE current examples.

3- To what extent do you agree with the view that employers rather than employees are the main winners from flexible working initiatives? Justify your answer.

4- In what ways can the HR and L&D functions in organizations make a direct and significant contribution to the achievement of high standards in the field of business ethics? Illustrate your answer with examples.

Instructions to write the paper:

1-Clear format
2- Introduction
3- Headings and sub headings
4- Harvard in text referencing ( Use strong references such as SHRM, HRCI, CIPD…etc).
5- Appropriate tone for audience
6- Looks like business style report
7- Be wary of bullet points
8- Professional language
9- Objective
10- Evidence based

During preparing the paper consider the HR perspectives like the following:
– Consider what might affect answer
– Size of organization ( My organization size is +1,000 employees)
– Sector/industry ( My org. is in manufacturing/ oil/ gas industry )
– Organizational strategy
– Organizational context
– HR strategy
– Organizational maturity
– Location – access to technology ( I work for an international company called Future Pipe industry. I the HR manager in KSA. you can visit the company website if it can help.) It would good if you use FPI in the paper.

Grade Descriiptors:
1- Addresses question very well and directly
2- Breadth and depth of analysis
3- Excellent advice and recommendations (strategic orientation)
4- Evidence of wide research and reading
5- Strong arguments (persuasive and justified with examples)
6- Excellent presentation

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