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They should be informal prose. Please focus more on content than on form. You will select one theme from a text, select at least one passage from a text, and analyze them. You should pick a topic, make an argument, and use at least one passage from the text to support your claims. You should not write summaries. You should focus on discussing the text itself, and develop your own critical insights. For instance, you might explore biracial issues with colorism in the South in Orlandersmith’s Yellowman. How does Orlandersmith discuss these themes? What is her critique and why? What do you think of her views on these topics? You might argue that she views colorism as a form of power and discrimination. You also might note the role it plays in the (re)production of the family, post-slavery. That could be your focus and argument. Then you should locate at least one passage from the text to support your ideas about this topic. These responses must demonstrate that you have read the works, and thought critically about themes within them over the course of your reading. In addition, you should demonstrate that you can do close readings of the texts by pulling examples from them and analyzing their significance.
You will do close readings of literary texts, including summarizing and annotating and understand theoretical, historical, and literary contexts and terms.
• You will create central arguments that include a clear topic, a solid stance, and provide support for your main ideas by quoting, paraphrasing, and analyzing passages from texts

Please post your two-paragraph reader response to Orlandersmith.

as well as Please post your two-paragraph reader response to Feinberg.(chpt 1-13)

Critical Reading Strategies
•Text-to-Self with a focus on images (responding, image-making, and creating associations)
•Text-to-Text with a focus on the language of the text (questioning, inferring, and interpreting)
•Text-to-World with a focus on issues and themes (drawing on background knowledge and connecting to relevant issues and themes)

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