Woman in Politics

Paper details: Answer two questions, No Title page, or abstract needed. Just the citations and references .
A “typical” range submitted for essay exams of this nature is approximately 3 FULL pages for each question
Do not repeat the questions in the essay
You are required to use the course textbook in each answer. You are also required to use at least two (2) other course sources in each answer and not the same two for each. Use all the course material at your disposal. You are not writing off the top of your head but instead creating a thoughtful academic essay anchored in the material. Show you did the reading, understand the reading and can apply what you read.
You are required to properly cite your sources with an in-text citation (Author, year of publication, page number if available and paragraph count if not) AND a full reference. See APA links in the course module, Useful APA Resources.
You are required to limit your use of direct quotes to one (1) per question. No more than 20% of an answer can be directly quoted material. All other information taken from a source must be paraphrased and properly cited.
You are required to identify which questions you are answering by beginning each answer with the question number (Question #1, Question #2
You are required NOT to use any outside material in answering these questions.

1. compare and contrast formalistic, descriiptive, substantive, and symbolic forms of representation (Introduced in Chapter 1). Provide examples from the course material of each form. Which of these forms of representation is the most powerful demonstration of women’s representation in the political arena and why? Use the class textbook and at least two (2) course sources in your answer.

2. define, discuss and analyze the 2ndwave of feminism (Introduced in Chapter 2). What were the concerns, experiences, commitments, and goals of this movement? Do you see them reflected in today’s political environment? Use the class textbook and at least two (2) course sources in your answer.

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