Wizard World and the Muggle world

Is the Muggle world and wizard world the same?

A wizard is a person that has some magical powers and can perform some unnatural deeds such as fly, disappearing and reappearing, among other things. On the other hand, a muggle is the opposite; it is a person that is normal (without any magical abilities). Usually, the power possessed by the wizard runs through the family as it is inherited from one generation to the other. In most cases, muggles are not even aware of the existence of magical people; they do not believe that fellow individuals in their midst own some divine prowess. Most wizards prefer keeping their power a secret in fear of how society might react.
The magical community, also known as the wizarding world, is where witches and wizards coexist and interact differently from the non-wizarding society. The two societies are detached by secrecy, spells, and charms. Other than fearing muggles’ judgment, wizards have laws that forbid them from revealing anything about magic. One common thing in both worlds is that they all have to abide by some rules and regulations. And those found doing the contrary of what is expected of them might be punished or at least given a warning. Among the muggles, there are high in authority, which applies in the wizarding world. There are those who have mastered their ability to perform magic more than others, making them more respectable and authoritative. The unison and harmony among wizards are much more significant in comparison to what is in the muggle world. Perhaps the reason behind this is the small population of people in the wizarding society, which makes cooperation and coordination simple. Most of the rules set in the wizarding world are followed to the latter because otherwise, violators can be easily traced.
In the wizarding world, there is a specific age limit that one is supposed to have reached before performing some spells (Pottermore Publishing, 2018). Young witches found mimicking their elders in performing a spell before the age of 17 are usually punished. The intention of such a move is to keep potentially dangerous magic away from inexperienced hands. There is some education that young wizards have to undergo before they can be allowed to exercise some spells. Also, the other reason why magic is prohibited for underages is to avoid showing off. Teenagers are desperate for attention; therefore, they might use magic even before muggles just to be noticed. The situation in the muggle world is not so different from this, as here too, there are some age-sensitive laws. For instance, alcohol cannot be bought by persons who have not yet reached 18 years.
In all the world people have to work, earn money for their upkeep and so on. As a result of this, both muggles and wizards have to attend school to get some essential skills that they can apply to generate money. One would have assumed that those in the magic world use their powers in almost everything, making life easy as they do not have to work, but that is not the case. In the muggle world, when someone falls ill, they seek medical attention and believe that the medicine they get from the doctor will help them recover. Doctors are expected to diagnose a disease and also explain what could have caused it.
And in cases where an ailment seems to be unclear, people in the muggle world put their faith in their religion and hope their god will intervene. As for the wizarding world, most illnesses are either spells cast by enemies or maybe as a result of a curse. Instead of seeking any medical care, they resolve to do some rituals.
People in the muggle world seem to live freely and at ease compared to those in the wizarding world. Witches lead a life of secrecy and fear of being harmed by their fellow witches. When wizards are in dispute, they all have to be extra vigilant of each other. For normal people, evidence can be presented to the authorities and legal measures taken against the accused if one is offended. In the wizarding world, this is not always applicable as here, people in conflict cast spells against each other and thus do not leave behind any traces of evidence.
Another difference between these two worlds is when it comes to interaction and intermarriages. Most people in the muggle world are not restricted from inter-connecting with whoever they wish to as people in the wizarding world are. For instance, ordinary people from entirely different races and backgrounds can get married without any consequences. However, wizards cannot marry a certain clan of wizards or else they might face some harsh repercussions. Therefore from a young age, parents of wizards forbid their children from interacting with families that are believed to have been cursed. But all in all, both these worlds comprise typical human beings who share the same biological system.

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