William walker The Walker Affair | The Gray-Eyed Man of Destiny

Paper details:

our review should be written as a reflective essay, and not a direct question and answer. To receive full credit for this assignment, include a general summary of the source you selected, followed by a close analysis of your own perspectives and insights from your chosen article, lecture, podcast, or documentary. You do not have to directly answer each question listed below, but instead use these questions as a guideline for how to structure your essay.

A very brief summary (no more than 50 words ) that explains the premise of your chosen source.
In your opinion, who is the intended of your chosen media source? Do the content creators succeed or fail in connecting to this audience?
Your response/reaction to the film. Here you can discuss the following:
What did learn and what you would like to learn more about?
Did you enjoy the structure/presentation of your chosen media or did it fail to keep your attention?
Were there any details that you found especially surprising or interesting?
What perspective or point of view do the content creators take when presenting your chosen media?
In your opinion is there a particular moral, political, or social ideology that your source is in on the side of?
Are there any individuals or groups showcased in your media source in a positive or negative light?
Do you feel that your source was balanced in presenting multiple perspectives, or mostly one sided?
Discuss at least one place within your chosen source where the information/presentation could be improved. This can include:
Describing at least one blind spot or missed opportunity your source could have addressed.
Places where the content creators could have provided more information.
Identify at least one instance of bias (a preference toward one point of view over another) that occurred in the source.
This could be from the way the film is presented, an explanation given by one of the experts interviewed, or the way the information is packaged.
Note: There will always be occurrences of bias in everything you watch in this class. Becoming aware of how a preferred point of view can inform the way a story is told is one of the primary goals of this course.
(Optional) Where possible, discuss how the topics brought up in the film relate to subjects covered during our lectures.
Note: Several of the sources selected may cover a time period or topic that extends beyond the material we have covered thus far in our lectures. Instead of writing along the lines of “we have not discussed this in class,” do your best to

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