White-Spunner Construction vs Construction Completion Co

Paper details:

Part 1: Research and write a summary of the case:

White-Spunner Constr., Inc. v. Constr. Completion Co., 103 So. 3d 781; 2012 Ala.

This should be fairly detailed and not in “legal lingo” – write the summary so that a layman can understand it. Your summary should include the facts, who the players are, what the legal argument is all about, and the resolution of the court. Since this is an Alabama Supreme court case, you should also discuss what has previously happened in the lower court (e.g., trial court) where the case originated. Hint: when reading an unfamiliar case it is sometimes helpful to draw a diagram of the courts and parties involved.

Part 2: What rule of law did you derive from this case?

Include hard copies of all research documents used. Must include, at a minimum, research documents from both Nexis Uni and Westlaw.

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