What is a critical analysis?

What is a critical analysis?

The idea behind writing a critical analysis essay is to evaluate somebody’s work to increase its understanding. This is a subjective form of writing because it expresses the writer’s opinion on a given piece of work. With analysis, the writer must break down the works at hand. However, another important aspect worth noting is that you are not supposed to use phrases like “In my opinion” or “I think” since the focus is on the analysis and not you. Also, do not assume that the audience knows what you are writing about, you need to mention the title of the work in your analysis.

In critical reading

You have to identify the author’s purpose in the writing, the authors in both books had a purpose? What are they?
Analyze the structure of the text and identify the major ideas
Utilize a dictionary of the encyclopedia to understand anything that you are unfamiliar with.
Formulate an outline of the work of describing it
Summaries the work
Determine the proposed
>This can be to inform through the factual material
>To persuade to reason and emotion using appeal
>To entertain

Evaluate how the author has achieved his purpose
>If the purpose is to inform, was the material presented clearly, coherently orderly and accurately? It also means you have to read examples of critical analysis essays
>If he was persuading, identify the evidence, logical reasoning, and contradicting evidence
>If the writer’s purpose was to entertain, show how emotions were affected, does the piece make you laugh, cry, or are they angry? Why did the piece affect you?

When writing your analysis, you should answer the following questions:
>What is the controversy in the books?
>Is the subject matter of current interest? How can or does it relate to current society?
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both novels and incorporating the ideas presented throughout the class. Remember you are not just informing, but you are evaluating and analyzing the work. Base your personal opinions on information and make them fair. You have to explore both sides of the analysis but remain firm on what you believe in. The review is supposed to inform, interpret, and evaluate the works in question. The information makes the audience understand why it is under analysis.

Now for the assignment:

The animals in Animal Farm (1945) adapted and became humanized (anthropomorphized), whereas the animals in the Island of Dr. Moreau (1896) (please read https://www.gutenberg.org/files/159/159-h/159-h.htm)
were created through experimental procedures. Compare and contrast the ideas of sentient animals by looking at the differences and similarities in the books.

These two books were written between 7 and 12 decades ago, how are some of the ideas still relevant? Man’s technology has greatly progressed, instead of vivisection, scientists are gene splitting; could humanity’s new technology create smarter animals through experimental means such as cloning? Here is interesting web page that starts to discuss the ideas of human/animal hybridity. https://singularityhub.com/2019/08/13/wait-what-the-first-human-monkey-hybrid-embryo-was-just-created-in-china/. (Links to an external site.)

Given the outcome of the two novellas, should people question the ability to change the natural order?

In a 2 and 1/2 page essay, properly formatted in MLA format, write a critical analysis that:

1. Takes an analytical look at the two books that we read.

2. Discusses the ideas of anthropomorphism in both books, and relate them to current society.

3. Make sure to use quotes from the texts read that support your ideas, make sure to properly cite the books as well as any outside sources.

I expect that your essay will be properly cited using good grammar and punctuation and is formatted properly, see above for example.

This is the final for this class so, I expect your best work.

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