what caused the American Revolution?

Paper details:

Please write Approximately 1200 Words (Chicago Style with footnotes) an analytical paper to develop and support a clearly defined thesis to answer the question “what caused the American Revolution”. Broadly speaking this is an analytical paper evaluating your ability to form a conclusion and make an argument. Specifically, it requires a clearly defined and well supported thesis position based on your interpretation and utilization of assigned materials.
Regardless of your position, a chronological descriiption of the events leading up to the American Revolution does not answer the prompt. The paper addresses the prompt directly by clearly stating and successfully defending your thesis position. As such a successful paper analyzes and utilizes specific events and primary source documents to demonstrate why the American Colonist came to believe membership in the British empire was a threat to rather than the foundation of their freedom(s).
Remember by 1776 the American Colonist’s ideas of liberty and freedom were incompatible with those promised and protected by English citizenship. Therefore, the simple answer, as we have discussed, is changes in ideas of freedom between 1619 and 1776. A thorough examination, however, demonstrates a complex historical narrative beyond that of an oppressed people taking their “unalienable rights” from a tyrannical government. There are many possible answers to this question: taxes, lack of rights, propaganda, enlightenment ideology, religion, American colonists were different, and many more.

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