West Side Story 1961

Amount of work: 6 pages double spaced                                                          Subject: Film studies

Type of paper: Movie review                                                              Paper Format: MLA

Abstract page: Yes

The Film Analysis Paper must be 1500 words and based on the film West Side Story. The paper must be double-spaced, 12pt font, standard margins. Presentations will be based on this paper, which will consist of a close, in-depth analysis of a film. Paper citations must be formatted to MLA style.

Film Analysis Paper Guidelines

The paper(s) should analyze a film as a whole covering all of the discipline areas we have covered in class up until the point when each paper is due.

In the paper you will need to discuss the specifics of one film at length using examples from the film to illustrate your own analysis of the film in terms of the general scope of technique, intention and effectiveness. You should not use any resources aside from the film or the textbook to develop your paper. You will need to view your selected film more than once. The more times you have seen it, the easier it will be to access an analysis of the film.

All sources including the film and the textbook must be cited according to MLA guidelines and a Works Cited page must be included with your paper. However, you may not use any outside sources beyond the film and the textbook.

MLA Citation Guidelines: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ Your

Work Cited page should be the last page of your paper, not a separate document or file.

You may create it that way but copy and paste it into your paper as the final page before submitting your paper. A missing Work Cited page will result in a letter grade deduction.

DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE PLOT IN ANY WAY, IN ANY PART OF THE PAPER. Assume that your reader has seen the film you are analyzing and already knows the details of the story. You may refer to the story from an analytical perspective, but do not recite, retell, or otherwise describe the details of the plot.

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