Week 8: Followership in Leading Options CHAP 12

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Subject: Leadership

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Please read chapter 12 (Followership in Leading) of your text. We will start week eight with topics and questions from chapter 12 of your text.

Chapter 12

The followership approach to leading can be described as accepting the influence of others to achieve the desired goal. Followers that are successful display characteristics of assuming responsibility, challenging leaders and serving others. Followership leads to leadership in most cases. All leaders at some point in their career were good followers in general as they moved up within their organizations.

Follower traits include:

1. Work ethic

2. Judgment

3. Competence

4. Honesty

5. Discretion

6. Courage

7. Loyalty

8. A Minimized Ego

Chapter 12 Questions

1. What is followership leading? How is followership leading utilized?

2a. This question is for students in the health care field. What is an effective followership algorithm? Please use the following link for the question:


2b. This question is for students in the education field. How can followership be utilized in education? Please use the following link for the question:


3. Provide an example of how you would use followership in a health care setting or an educational setting (depending on your 2a. or 2b. answer).

4. What interview question/answer did you feel provided you with the most insight for your interview assignment?

Each answer should be at least one paragraph in length and in accordance with the discussion rubric.

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