Week 7 concept map psych 520

Week 7 concept map psych 520

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Case Study Analysis & Treatment Plan Concept Map Instructions

Select a Case Study to analyze and offer a treatment plan based on a theory reviewed during this course. This assignment has two

parts. Part I: Write at least a 250 – 300 word brief synopsis showing the following information: “name” of the client, age, when

issue(s) began, presenting issues, treatment plan, theory to support this plan and when the treatment plan will be re-evaluated. Include any points noted in this case concerning inclusion, diversity and/ or equality. Give at least 2 scholarly/peer reviewed references in 7th edition APA format.

Remember to make sure your goals in the treatment plan use the S.M.A.R.T. acronym, which stands for specific, measurable,

achievable, relevant and time bound.

Then, create a concept map that highlights the key points of this analysis. Develop this assignment as if you were going to summarize

a case to review with a client.

Review the Case Study Analysis & Treatment Plan Concept Map Grading Rubric.

Here are free resources to help develop a concept map. Just note that you must be able to save and upload the file into the course for






Additional Resources:







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