Week 6 consulting advice

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Week 6 Consulting Advice – Class Reflections
With rounds 3 and 4 of the second simulation 0274522 completed, we have had more than enough time to try and react to various strategies. It is time for you to begin reflecting on your experiences as you head into the final round. To do this you will need to review the following:

• Cumulative Coaching Reports from all rounds
• The Performance Report for the most recent round of the simulation.
• Your three favorite reports (of those you purchased)
With these in hand discuss the following:

• How you are performing as a company in general in terms of profit generation.
• Read positive and negative trends over time and discuss your effectiveness at sticking to your strategy throughout the simulation. What makes it hard to stick with your strategy at times?
• Look under Historical Performance in the Performance Report and notice your ethics scores. Do they trend up or down?
o How did Operating Costs change as a result of your Ethics settings? You will need to review the Profit and Loss Statement and look at total operating expenses in the “Subtotal” line for each period.
o How did this cost difference impact your decisions?
“Leaders often work in the realm of uncertainty. Regardless of the outcome, good leaders protect their followers from harm”. “A leader anticipates and removes obstacles that get in the way of the work to be done and advocates for their team throughout the organization”. Answer the question below after you do this.

• When things don’t go as planned (i.e. the company does not perform well in spite of best efforts), what does a good leader do to preserve positive relations with those he/she relies upon? Why is this important?
Watch the video “The 5 levels of leadership (Links to an external site.)”. Think about all you have learned in the simulations so far. Discuss what steps you will take to be positively viewed as a leader now that the five levels of leadership have been explained. How can this help the CEO (or the leader or anything for that matter) be more successful over time?
• GoVenture CEO Learning Guide
Download GoVenture CEO Learning Guide
• Strategy Journal (accessed within the simulation)
• Whatif Calculator (accessed within the simulation)
• Market Overview Report (accessed within the simulation)
• Performance Report (accessed within the simulation)
• Consulting Report (accessed within the simulation)
• Whatever reports you decide to purchase (accessed within the simulation)

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