Week 4 – Assignment: Develop Purpose Statement

Continue to work on your draft based on the requirements listed in your ADE Proposal and Manuscriipt Template (school-specific). Be sure to consider and implement any feedback and direction provided by your Chair. Do NOT submit your draft to the Doctoral Record until instructed to do so by your Chair.
If you are still working on the topic, problem statement, questions, or key terms continue to work on those. The next subsections to focus on drafting are your Purpose Statement and Nature of the Doctoral Project or Dissertation-in-Practice (if applicable in your ADE Proposal and Manuscriipt Template (school-specific)). Your focus should be on defining the purpose of your study and providing a summary of the nature of the doctoral project or dissertation-in-practice, in the respective subsections. Concentrate on developing clear alignment between the previously developed subsections in Section 1. Your project design is effectively aligned to the problem statement when it ensures that the selected methods will actually measure what they are intended to measure and validates your project topic and design.
Remember to address all feedback provided by your Chair from the previous weeks draft of Section 1 before you submit your latest work.
Length: Follow the guidance of your Chair and your ADE Proposal and Manuscriipt Template (school-specific).
References: All citations must have corresponding references in correct APA format. These references will be included in the References section of the completed ADE Proposal and Manuscriipt Template (school-specific). Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
Each week, you will work closely with your Chair who will help you develop your draft of Section 1 components. You should submit a draft each week (of a subsection or full section) to the weekly assignment Dropbox. Remember to incorporate any feedback you have received into your revised work. While you await feedback from your Chair, be sure to continue to work on other aspects of your applied doctorate (e.g., title, key words for searches, search for articles, outline next section, etc.).

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