Week 10 db- Chap 14

Week 10 db- Chap 14

                                        Please read chapter 14 (Team Leadership) of your text. We will start week 10 with topics and questions from chapter 14 of your text.

Chapter 14

A team leader is not necessary a supervisor or a director, but is appointed to lead a team for a given process. Team based leadership has become more of a need in the workplace to resolve the growing need for complex task resolution(s) to attain organizational effectiveness. This includes patient care and educational settings where the overall product is delivered within multiple specialties to achieve quality outcomes. Teams in health care settings may be task for outcomes to reduce health care acquired infections which ultimately reduce risk to include clinical and financial.  Teams in education may be task with increasing standardized test scores as an organizational measure of effectiveness. Both approaches for health care and education have a primary focus to increase overall quality.

Chapter 14 Questions

1. Describe team effectiveness conditions and characteristics found on table 14.1 of your text.

2. What makes a team effective? Minimum two paragraphs?  

3. How does standards of excellence such as quality fit into the team approach? 

4. Apply a team approach using this weeks chapter 14 literature. Describe how excellence such as quality is achieved using team leadership. Minimum one paragraph.

Each answer should be in accordance with the discussion rubric.

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