Week 1 Critical Thinking Assignment

Subject: Business

Paper Format: APA

Paper details:

The concepts and principles of analytics have remained consistent while the scope of available data and the technology to process data into information has rapidly evolved over time. Pick a historical point in time – greater than five years ago. Describe the field of analytics at that time. Explain the technology available and the technology commonly used for analytics at that time. Finally, discuss any limitations in the five-step Business Analytics process model (Acquisition, Preparation, Analysis, Visualization, Interpretation) prevalent at that time.

This critical thinking assignment must follow the formatting guidelines in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010), (6th ed., 7th printing), and contain a title page, between two (2) full pages and four (4) full pages of content, and a reference page.

Provide a minimum of four references to support your arguments Unlike your other critical thinking assignments, all references for this week’s assignment must be greater than five years old. You must provide a link for each reference for my review. For this assignment, you are permitted to use a maximum of two (2) course’s reading material articles (regardless of the week assigned) as references.

This assignment contains multiple questions and topics. Do not use bullets or numbers to answer the questions. Your paper needs to be an essay. You need to integrate the multiple questions and topics into a single cohesive narrative.

Feel free to be creative in your writing. You can use your course reading material (limit of two (2)), personal experience, and any scholarly web resource to find information for your paper (Note: Wikipedia is not a scholarly source).

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