Week 1 Creative Writing Assignment

Week 1 Creative Writing Assignment:
This week’s creative assignment is “What if…?” What if the time period of “Neighbour Rosicky” were changed to contemporary society? Write a 400-word creative response in which you rewrite one of the following scenes. Assume the setting is contemporary.

(This is a creative writing assignment, which means you should use your imagination and your own words. You just need to update the dialogue (conversation) and details of what takes place in the scene to modernize it. Don’t use any of the wording from Cather’s story. Write it all yourself.)
1. The opening conversation between Rosicky and Dr. Burleigh in Part I.

2. The scene between Polly, Rudolph, and Rosicky in Part IV.

Assignment Requirements:
Your submission must:
• include a minimum of 400 words, written in paragraph form.
• be written in the third-person point of view (academic voice).
• be double spaced. A title page, running head, and abstract are not required.
• be submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment on the submission page (click title above). Assignments not submitted in this way may be returned to you ungraded.

There is a no-research policy in place for this class. Using any material other than the assigned readings and lectures, even if it is correctly quoted and cited, will result in a failing grade for this assignment. Contact your instructor if you have questions about this policy.
Required Textbook:
Levine, R. S., Elliot, M.A., Gustafson, S.M., Hungerford, A., & Loeffelholz, M. (Eds.) (2017). The Norton anthology of American literature (Shorter 9th ed.). (Vols. 1-2). New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9780393666335

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