Warfare History





Warfare History

Warfare is shaped by technology; therefore changes in warfare technology can be interpreted as advancement in war techniques. Back in the 1800s, the weapons used in wars were not that sophisticated. Rifles and swords were the most used arsenals. But with the advancement in technology lethal weapons such as atomic bomb was discovered in the 1900s. These new inventions made the world a dangerous place as the damages such weapons can cause are vast. A whole state can be destroyed with just one missile. Take for instance Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the effects of the 1945 bombing is still visible to date (Golding 210).  Sciences have always played a significant role in humanity. Advancement in science over the past years has helped improve the living standards of people. If it were not for advancing science through the years a lot of people would have lost their lives over treatable diseases such as malaria. Thanks to the improvement in medication doctors are well informed on various diseases and they can be easily accessed when needed.

As a result of high birth rates and low rates of deaths across the world, its population has been growing rapidly. To be able to understand the impact that population growth will have it is important to know its patterns and dynamics. A big population implies that there is a scramble for the scarcely available resources (Kinder). The problem with this is that it entices some people to indulge in crime or activities that are not legal all in the hope of meeting their basic needs. In the 20th century, we have witnessed a rise in criminology activities all across the world especially in the densely populated regions.

By the end of the 1900s, the world was truly global. People were no longer held down by barriers such as ethnicity and boundaries. With the advancement in means of communication people of different countries were able to do business together. The advantage of this is that it encouraged specialization and proper use of resources. There was an era where some communities were mistreated or denied opportunities. But by the end of the 1900s, this had changed as almost everyone became entitled to accessing great job opportunities. Nations can now work together and promote each other’s economy.

By the end of the 1990s, dual citizenship was common and people from different nations could intermarry. From this, we can concur that the attitude of people had changed and factors such as nation’s rivalry was no longer a hindrance for globalization. The issue of population growth, advancement in technological warfare and science is global, in the sense that it affects every region in the world. The spread of science advancement by the end of the 20th century is another indicator of how global the world had turned. There was a free flow of ideas and invention between nations. The main reason for the increase in population is usually better health care services, with easy access to medical services across the globe, the population across the globe also increased.

To demonstrate how the world changed in 1500-2000 one could look at theme such as gender equality. In most communities, the female gender used to be considered as inferior and weak. Women were not allowed to lead or even do jobs that seemed to require a lot of knowledge. They were downgraded to just do simple house chores and their voices were never aired in public. But this changed through 1500-2000 as women began to rise and stand up for their rights. The female gender advocated being treated equally as men in terms of opportunities. Women could now campaign for leadership possible and do a superb job just like the other gender. However, although this theme shows how the world changed it still remained the same way in the sense that men do not necessarily have to have bodies that fight/advocate for their rights whereas women do. Peace and unity is also a theme that shows the changes the world has undergone over time. Nations coexist together in peace and find none violent measures of handling conflict. But it is worrying why the superpower nations are still working hard in building powerful and lethal weaponry.

Democracy is another theme that demonstrates how the world has changed.  With the vast use of social media and the internet in general people can easily put their issues out there and exchange differing ideas. Sometime back before the 21st-century civilians were not allowed to give their opinions on political or economic matters. Doing such a thing was considered to be illegal and those found were brought to book. There are quite many leaders who were sent to exile because of trying to exercise their democratic right. It is due to the efforts of such persons that the current world embraces democracy. The media has also taken democracy to their advantage and constantly do coverage of matters that the public deserves to know though governments might not be in favor of the idea. Democracy has changed the world, however, to some extent it has remained the same because sometimes it is all just throw of words but no action is taken.

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