Visceral Response Presentation

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Visceral Response Presentation
Our approach to textual analysis and interpretation is often enhanced when we acknowledge immediate, visceral responses to the work, and the aesthetic, instinctual, or emotional reaction that it evokes within our minds, bodies, and souls. This reaction can be represented with associated materials or objects that can serve as metaphors, or “seeds,” for conceptual production choices and even more creative and thoughtful theoretical and critical analyses.
For this project, choose a play or subject from this course that evokes such a visceral reaction.  After having read the text, or viewing the material, note any major feelings or sensations it caused you to experience, or thoughts or images that came to mind. After deciding which reaction best encapsulates your response, create something that best represents or symbolizes your response. This should be a creative expression: an image, painting, song, poem, performance, something crafted by hand…
Then, in two typed, double-spaced pages, describe your visceral response to the play or area of study, the reasoning behind the material you created to represent it, and how the two are linked.  Your paper should be in MLA format.
Submitting your assignment
The written portion of your project will be submitted to the Canvas Assignment: Final Project (this page).
The creative portion of your project will be shared as a Canvas Discussion for your section.  Please include a brief descriiption of your project, including which piece, play, and/or place inspired your work.  After posting, you will be asked to view and respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ projects.

The Tempest
Wadsworth textbook, pages 401-428

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