CHAPTER 8: Forecasting at Cruise International, Inc. Use the provided North American Cruise Data spreadsheet for the next two questions.

  1. Develop a forecast of the demand for cruises the year beyond the last data time period both in aggregate demand for the entire industry and also by different regions. If Cruise International Inc. (CII) captures 5.5% of industry capacity, develop forecasts for CII from spreadsheet. Write up and justify the range of historical data used for forecasting and any consolidation of regions. (Learning Objective 3.1).
  1. Present your results in a memo that explains the forecasting technique used and the basis for its selection, and also illustrates the reliability of your forecast using linear regression chart and derived formula. (Learning Objective 3.1)

CHAPTER 9: Capacity Analysis at Cruise International, Inc. Go to Chapter 9 for the information.

  • Meghan believes that she needs a 15% capacity cushion because of the variability in guests’ arrivals. Given that cushion, how many servers should Meghan plan to have for registering regular guests? How many servers for registering VIP guests? (Learning Objective 3.2)
  • What other ideas do you have for smoothing out the guests’ arrivals so that the amount of capacity needed can be minimized? (Learning Objective 3.2)

CHAPTER 10: Layout Analysis at Cruise International, Inc. Go to Chapter 10 for the information.

  • Analyze the current process and make recommendations as to how some of the waiting time might be eliminated. (Learning Objective 3.3)
  • Analyze the process as if it were an assembly line. Calculate the efficiency of the line. Calculate the balance delay. (Learning Objective 3.3

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