Violence in Middle Schools


Violence in Middle Schools

Paper details:

Review, edit and provide insertion of statement into the paper.

I just had a meeting with the Professor and the notes are as follows:

* We need to talk about the sources. We did not talk about this issue.
* We need to look at each one and eliminate those we will not use. Like a check off

Data from different sources may have to be collected in parallel (e.g., paper-and-pen surveys for teachers, corresponding students, and their parents AND retrieval of archival data from the school district). Provides detailed description of data collection process, including all sources of data and methods used, such as field tests, interviews, member checking, observations, surveys, and expert panel review. Note: The collected data must be sufficient in breadth and depth to answer the research question(s) and interpreted and presented correctly, by theme, research question and/or instrument. sequence is acceptable.

* We did not put this in the appendices—-The steps include acquisition of site authorization documents, IRB approval, and the procedures for obtaining participant informed consent and protecting the rights and well-being of the participants.
*We did not do this —–The learner includes copies of the relevant site authorizations, participant informed consent forms, recruitment announcements/materials (e.g., posters, e-mails, etc.) in appropriate appendices

* We need to address this in paragraph 3.

* Also in chapter 3 we need to describe this issue how another researcher can collect data and mimic or lay it out logically.

* We must have steps and processes.

* Data Collection in Chapter 3 we did not put in the appendix participant consent forms.

* Recruitment announcements/Material/Posters

* Interview Questions – List the sub-questions. We did not do these questions. This goes in the appendix forms.

* The interview questions we need to make a list. We need about 8 questions in each RQ1,RQ2, RQ3. We need to add an appendix for this as well. These questions are looked by three panel experts. In these questions they need expert panel information. Interview questions, definition of theory.

* We need another appendix for informed consent form.

* Chapter 2 is confusing we need two theories and need to remove the maslow theory.

* We must insert the theory. Also these theories are not about the student but the teacher. Also, self-efficacy and empowerment of the teacher not the student. We do not care about the student we care about the teachers. Do these teachers have training school protocols. Are the teachers trained by the school district.

* We need examples of violence in the introduction like bullying by students. On page 32 we need to copy the definition and paste in the Introduction.

* The unit of analysis and phenomena is not good together

* Unit of analysis in page 51should repeat over and over again.

* Also the population of interest is throughout the united states

* She wants target population greater than or equal to 60. The school changed it.

* We need to have the methodologist on board by the end of next month.

That is about in three weeks. I will be receiving the chairs comments on Sunday and then I will send you the paper for review and editing.

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