Victor Frankenstein Essay

Victor Frankenstein

The novel about Victor Frankenstein is set in the 1800’s in the Northern Polar Regions. This region might have been considered to be peculiarly strange and perhaps where God lived. We are informed of a one Captain Robert who is onshore in Russia intending to hire some men to sail off to the North. The takeoff but unfortunately after going miles into the ocean the boat get struck by ice, and they are forced to just stay there without anything to do. Robert takes most of his time writing to his sister asking her to send him a companion friend to stay with him on board. It was during that time that the Captain made an encounter with Victor. Victor Frankenstein is a man of mystery based on the Frankenstein novel. He used to be just a typical kid that lived with the parents in Geneva. However, there are incidences that took place changing him forever. Joining college, losing his brother and having a conversation with his creation are the most significant occurrences that triggered Victor’s descent into madness.

After Victor joined college, he developed an interest in the study of chemistry and natural philosophy. As he studied, he became more curious about life and how it works. Out of this burning desire to explore after a couple of years, he had known how to give life to a body made up of human corpse pieces. To most people, just the thought of the dead raising is horrific and terrifying. Therefore Victor’s deed of coming into contact with dead bodies and complying parts was gothic. The author of the novel uses this literary tool to boost the strange thoughts that Frankenstein impacts on a reader. Most people cannot get to figure out precisely what had crossed the mind of this student for him to decide to work on something of this kind. The making of this monster must have had a role in driving Victor mad. Imagine he had to wander along the streets or perhaps even go to the cemetery all in search of a corpse. Picturing this image evokes a dreading feeling in a reader, and he or she pities characters involved because they have no clue of what has been unleashed. Even Frankenstein himself is terrified of the monster he has given life to, and this makes him unwell.

Just out of the blues it happens that William, Frankenstein’s sibling is killed. The death is unexpected and an understandable, considering that the departed young brother was not suffering from any ailment. A worker within the Frankenstein’s household is accused of having to be responsible for the murder. This news hit Victor off guard, and he immediately gets the perception that the monster he created must be accountable for this loss of a loved one. However, he is scared of sharing his thoughts as no one would possibly believe a word he said. There is no worse situation than having an insightful opinion on a particular matter, but you cannot tell a soul because on some logistics it is impossible. Human beings always require a listening ear to be sharing thoughts with so that in that process sanity is maintained. The feeling of loneliness made Victor decide to travel far off away to a place that he could be all by himself.

In another part of the novel the monster came to Victor demanding to talk with him. Just the thought of being approached by a ghost is horrific leave alone it trying to negotiate with someone. The monster appears to be trying to justify it deed of killing William and make it sound as though Victor is the one to blame for events unfolding as they did. Here is yet another gothic tradition scenario where a demon is speaking in an understandable language. “If you comply with my demands, I will leave you and them peacefully; but if you fail to, I will glut the maw of death… (Shelley and Harris 113)” Frankenstein is even threatened by his creation as it romantically demands some of its conditions to be fulfilled.

The monster is well outspoken as talks eloquently and is demanding love and affection. Here the author plays a trick on readers in that it what is known as terrific, and an outcast acts like a sympathetic creature. Having this conversation was doing a lot of damage to Victor considering this was probably not what he had planned in mind as he was creating the monster. He is now between a rock and a hard place where he regrets all that he has been doing since joining college, and at the same time he is being forced to appreciate the work of his hands and love the demon.

Reading the Frankenstein is not easy for most people since most of its tales are told in the form of epistles. This methodology is a bit confusing, but still, it remains to be an exciting script that every fan of science fiction or horror fanatic should understand. It focuses on supernatural and inexplicable.

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