Using Research and Theory to Support Practice

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Often times in practice, changes occur that nurses may not agree with or don’t understand. As a BSN prepared registered nurse, you are expected to identify areas of opportunity for practice change based on current, best evidence. While having lunch with your nurse manager you were discussing a recent practice change that was implemented on the unit. The nurse manager shared that some of the staff nurses were questioning why the change occurred. They asked if you would prepare a presentation to share with the staff nurses about the importance of utilizing current evidence to guide and support nursing practice. You will present the information at next month’s staff meeting.

Create a presentation about one evidence-based practice change that you have encountered in either your workplace or clinical experience. Include the following in your presentation.

Provide background and significance of problem
Describe the practice change
Summary of research literature supporting the practice change
Apply a theoretical framework to support the practice change


You have a great foundation, but I think you were confused on what this deliverable is asking. Watching the live session will help!

Well done on providing a clearly stated and detailed summary the background and significance of problem including relevancy to the practice setting. Score 4.

There is great detail here! I can get a good idea of what the topic is and why it is important.

You did an excellent job detailing the practice change including 4 or more impacts of the change. Score 4. The practice change is clearly stated and there are 4 impacts of change. Great job with this!

Unfortunately, there is no clear summary of the research literature supporting the practice change, or a summary of at least two studies that support the practice change. Score 1.

It looks like you are starting to explore references and that is a great start! Unfortunately, one of the references was 10 years old, and was too old to use, and the other references was not a study. There also was not a complete research summary done.

This area is where you had a little difficulty, which is not

uncommon for students.

There are 3 elements to keep in mind.

1. At least 2 studies from 2017-2021 that

support the practice change are needed (3 for mastery)

2.Complete research summary on

each research study-remember, I should get a firm idea of what the study was

about just by reading your summary

3. Studies must be directly related to your

practice change

There was not a summary/descriiption of what was done. This is different from other nursing classes where just the research findings or sentences from the source are used, but in this class, we want a descriiption of what was done in the study. Think Deliverable 3, and that will help. . I should get a firm idea of what was done in the study, what was measured, how it was measured etc just by reading the summary. See below for help developing your summaries.

The methodology, or the how the study was done was missing what was done in the study. This is so important in this course! Imagine telling someone how to make a recipe, but leaving out all of the steps it took to make it- describing studies is the same concept

Do not forget to add the sample size- this is important. A study with 2 people is not as believable as a study with 1000 people in it.

What was the objective of the study? Who was in the study? Where was the study done? What was the intervention (if there was one)? What data was collected? How was it collected/measured? What was the sample size? What were the findings?

CDC2015 and 2020 This is not a study, it has information from studies, but this alone, is not a study This cannot be used as one of the 3 studies for this deliverable

Johansson, et. al., 2012 This had a method section, so it could be considered a study, but it is too old! 10 years old is too old. All studies should be from 2017-2022

UCSF, 2021 This is not a study and cannot be used as one of the 3 studies for this deliverable

How to find studies

GO to

Searching for “Quantitative nursing study on __(your topic)___” or “Qualitative nursing study on __”your topic”_”

Example of a summary: This was a qualitative study with a grounded theory approach that looked at the effect of breastfeeding education classed on the duration of breastfeeding. There was a sample size of 50 prenatal mothers who were randomized to 1/2 getting a breastfeeding class before delivery of their baby and the other half not receiving the class (Intext citation, 2020). Initiation rates were recorded after birth, and evaluated if mothers were still breastfeeding at 2, 4, and 6 months (Intext citation, 2020). . The information was collected by chart review, and survey. The results were analyzed using descriiptive analysis(Intext citation, 2020). . The study found that 52% of the mothers that initiated breastfeeding at birth that had the education session, were still breastfeeding at 6 months(Intext citation, 2020).

Unfortunately, there is no clearly stated application of a theoretical framework to support the practice change. Score 1.

There are some great ideas on this slide, but Remember from deliverables 1 and 2, nursing theory helps us to understand research by explaining occurrences, and make connections and predictions. Think of the nursing theorists such as Watson, Florence Nightingale, etc. Which one would fit here? Explain how it fits.

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