Using Assessment Results to Improve Lesson Planning

Paper details:

Formulate a paper beginning with a paragraph describing any observed trends within the graphs (attached). Construct a remedial lesson plan to improve scores. For the lesson plan, address each of the following; include the bulleted headings in your paper.

Grade Level – 9th Grade
Subject – Biology (Water Cycle)
Objectives – What knowledge do you expect learners to take away from the lesson?
Subject Standard(s)
Higher-Order Thinking Questions (HOTs)
Action Steps – How will you teach the content and include guided practice?
Individual Practice – How will learners demonstrate knowledge of the content?
Assessment – How will you know learners have mastered the content?
Reflect on the following in a concluding paragraph.

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson on a targeted learning group to support increasing scores.
What might be the most successful strategies to increase learning? Why?

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