Use the book ” Gods of Upper air ” by Charles Kings MUST BE 1000 WORDS PLEASE!

Part 1: As discussed in CH 4 – 7 of “Gods of Upper Air,” what did Franz Boas and his students say about their understanding of “race” in early 20th century America? How did they arrive at their understanding of race (see discussions about Anthropometry in CH 5. And how did this understanding differ from theories proposed by the American Eugenics movement (see page 171-180)? How were European immigrants treated during this time period (See pages 91-94)? How did Boas challenge problematic “racial science” of early 20th century?
Part 2: As discussed in CH 7 & 8 of “Gods of Upper Air” and Coming of Age in Samoa: Margaret Mead what did Margaret Mead learn from her ethnographic research on gender in Samoa, which she published in her 1928 book? How did Samoan notions of gender and sexuality different from American notions of gender and sexuality in early 20th century (1900-1930s)? After her research in Samoa, where else did Margaret Mead conduct fieldwork, and what was the topic of her subsequent study?

Please cite page numbers for direct and indirect quotes.

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