unit III Assignment Creating a Courthouse Security Survey

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unit III Assignment
Creating a Courthouse Security Survey

This assignment has two parts and requires the submission of two separate documents. Please be sure to submit both documents in order to be graded on the entire assignment. To submit two documents, click on the name of the assignment in Blackboard. Then, use the “Browse My Computer” button in the “Assignment Submission” area to find the first file, attach it; then use the “Browse My Computer” button again to find and attach the second file, then click “Submit” to upload the assignment.

Part I

Within Chapter 2 of the textbook, on pages 12–36, you will find information about courtroom security surveys. This focus on building and creating a safe courtroom is urgently important to the public trust. For Part I of this assignment, please create a list of 10 questions you would ask in an attempt to learn more about the overall security of a given courtroom or courthouse. For example, what would be a question you would ask on the survey that would cover some aspect of enhancing security in the parking lot? These survey questions should cover the following topics: exterior safety, entrance security, and courtroom security. There are additional subtopics you may want to emphasize for your survey.

Exterior Safety:

parking lot (e.g., Is the lot paved? What is the distance from the lot to the courthouse?),
lighting (e.g., Does the parking lot have lights?), and
physical barriers (e.g., Jersey barriers, fencing).
Entrance Security:

doors (e.g., secured),
screening area,
random screening area,
contraband (e.g., What constitutes as contraband?), and
security team (e.g., training).
Courtroom Security:

deputies (e.g., training, years of service),
barriers and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), and
judges’ chambers (e.g., secured, panic room).
After creating the survey, write a two-page overview of your survey. If you use sources, which are not required, they should be listed on the reference page and be in proper APA Style.
5 references for this

Part II
make sure part two is separate as part two 5 references for this

For Part II of this assignment, create a presentation that you would present to the sheriff to show the importance of your findings. The presentation should use graphics where warranted and speaker’s notes in the notes section of each slide.

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