Unit 8 Writing in Mathematics

Paper details:

In many sports, one can see that the trajectory of a ball follows a parabolic path. This means that the path of the ball is similar to a parabola. The height of an object moving under the influence of gravity can be modeled by using a quadratic equation. As an object falls, its speed continues to increase. Ignoring air resistance, one can find the approximate height of a falling object using the quadratic function f(h) = –16t2 + c. The height f(h) is in feet, the time (t) is in seconds, and the initial height of the object (c) is in feet. This Unit focused on the basic concepts of factoring, solving, and graphing quadratic equations and functions. Using the Text Editor, write an essay in which you summarize the procedures for solving quadratic equations by factoring. Then explain how trajectory plays a role in the graphing of quadratic equations and functions. Be sure to include specific examples to help illustrate your ideas, and use concepts learned from this Unit to support your example. You might want to describe trajectory in sports or shapes of objects that have parabola curved shapes in the design. Explain how the concepts you learned in this Unit relate to the examples you find. In your essay use words such as: symmetry, maximums, minimums, vertex, zeroes, and factoring.

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