UAE relationship with Kazakhstan

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Research Paper Students are required to submit a 10-page single-spaced research paper addressing a substantive topic relating to contemporary or current issues in UAE foreign policy. In this assignment, students are expected to critically assess the key domestic and international factors that shape UAE foreign policy and to analyze alternative UAE foreign policy strategies that address contemporary foreign policy issues reflecting the UAE’s priority agendas. The research paper should follow a standard essay format with introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs.
UAE relationship with Kazakhstan

Word Limit: 5,000 words (10 pages, single-spaced); Times New Roman, font size 12 – The title page and references page are excluded from word count and page numbers.
The title page should include the name, Student ID, institutional affiliation and date of submission
Introduction (1 page): A brief introduction paragraph(s) should precede the research questions. Introduce the topic, provide an overview and/or historical context and synopsis. Explain the significance and relevance of the chosen topic to the current national, regional and international contexts shaping UAE foreign policy imperatives and identify the core objectives and priorities for UAE foreign policy.
Body (6 pages): The body paragraphs should delve into empirical analysis that highlights the role of key national, regional and international actors and address the key theoretical and conceptual and/or policy debates for the chosen topic. Empirical analysis should be followed by a few paragraphs offering a future prognosis of the regional and international contexts.
Conclusion (3 pages): The conclusion paragraphs should succinctly highlight the key arguments of the paper and it should also include a list of policy recommendations for the future.

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