triangulation of qualitative data and quantitative data

Paper details:

I need a two page paper written about making the connection with triangulation of qualitative data and quantitative data that was used in this paper.
1. I need a paragraph introducing the chart.
2. I need a chart created using the information given.
3. I need an analysis of the chart.

A. write about the qualitative data to show the where the student were before the intervention with the Pre-K teacher.
B. write about the quantitative data to show where the teacher was before the intervention displaying her actions of what she was not doing; such as calling the students name, making eye contact, smiling, and giving each student their own personal attention.
C. write making the connections between the two that lead to the conclusion of success with the student increased performance scores: that is was because of the redirecting and bringing attention to detail of what the Pre-K teacher was doing with the students.
4. All of this needs to be in a chart.

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