Translation commentary

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I have translated the First 3 chapters of this book from English and Arabic. I need to write an annotation or translation commentary Including the challenges between both languages related to the synthetic level. This part will include discussing shifts, Sentence length, and cohesion. The essay needs to follow this outline. ( all examples need to be from the first 3 chapters of the source text, depression book).
1-Synthetical level
– who translation is a cognitive activity and who the translator makes a decision and problem solving of transferring the synthetic skills of the text’s composition?
– The meaning of synthetic language and translation.
2- Discuss shifts as a part of the synthetic components of translation.
– the meaning of shift according to Catford 1965.
– The type of Catford shifts in translation.
– who translator used shifts during the translation.
– Explain the level shifts with examples from the sources text( depression book the first 3 chapters)
– Explain the category shifts ( class, structure, and unit shifts) with examples.
3 – talk about the Sentence length as a part of the translation challenges between English and Arabic and improve the annotation with examples taken from the source text and specify the word count of each example.
4-talk about cohesion the meaning of it, the type of cohesion. Explain the different aspects of cohesion in the translation of the text with examples from the depression book.


I have attached the source text and a list of references to save your time.

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