Topic 3: Motivation to Lead

Leadership is a complex phenomenon that is adaptable throughout various situations, groups of followers, and individual development. One important characteristic for leaders has been motivation (Chan & Drasgow, 2001). Motivation is the drive or determination an individual must have to achieve a goal. Chan and Drasgow (2001) developed a construct called motivation to lead (MTL), which describes an individual’s motivation to become and succeed as a leader. As college students that are pursuing a degree in business (even if you are not, wherever you work is still a business), you may be motivated to achieve a leadership position for different reasons.

Please provide a summary of this theory and the MTL construct (all three dimensions) and how it can lead to people choosing leadership roles. Be sure to include your ideas thoughts on how this could help your personal career as well as any personal experiences that you have had in your work life that relates to the theory. I have listed a peer-reviewed article to get you started.

Kim-Yin Chan, & Drasgow, F. (2001). Toward a Theory of Individual Differences and Leadership: Understanding the Motivation to Lead. Journal of Applied Psychology, 86(3), 481–498.

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