Topic 2: Abusive Leadership

Workplace mistreatment is comprised of a multitude of behaviors such as violence, aggression, bullying, incivility, and abusive supervision, and it poses a serious problem to organizations. While mistreatment can be perpetrated by different sources, the outcomes of workplace mistreatment are more consequential for victims when perpetrated by a supervisor. A specific form of workplace mistreatment, abusive supervision, represents a serious and growing problem plaguing today’s organizations due to its negative consequences for subordinates, supervisors, and the work environment. Abusive supervision can result in annual organizational costs of approximately $23.8 billion (Tepper, Duffy, Henle, & Lambert, 2006).

Please provide a summary of this theory and how it can lead to negative outcomes at work. Be sure to include your ideas thoughts on how this could help your personal career as well as any personal experiences that you have had in your work life that relates to the theory. I have listed a peer-reviewed article to get you started.

Tepper, B. J. (2007). Abusive Supervision in Work Organizations: Review, Synthesis, and Research Agenda. Journal of Management, 33(3), 261–289.

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