Topic 1: Current Leadership Theories

Theories on leadership and management have been refined over time by different theorists. Effective management and leadership are required for businesses to achieve their goals and objectives. As we have read in our textbook, the traditional process of leadership deals with the planning, organizing, controlling, and leading. New research seeks to explain and understand the effects of leadership on practical outcomes such as performance. The goal for most theories is to help provide a basis for effective leadership so that organizations may produce and replicate the conditions under which this occurs.

Please choose one of the following contemporary theories in leadership and provide a summary of the theory and how it can lead to positive outcomes at work. Be sure to include your ideas and thoughts on how this could help your personal career as well as any personal experiences that you have had in your work life that relates to the theory. I have listed a peer-reviewed article for each one to get you started. You do not have to use the article I have posted; however, these are good examples of peer-reviewed journal articles.

Theories (Choose 1):

1. Authentic Leadership

Gill, C., Gardner, W., Claeys, J., & Vangronsvelt, K. (2018). Using theory on authentic leadership to build a strong human resource management system. Human Resource Management Review, 28(3), 304–318.

2. Spiritual Leadership

Fry, L. W. (2003). Toward a theory of spiritual leadership. The Leadership Quarterly, 14(6), 693– 727.

3. Adaptive Leadership

Yukl, G., & Mahsud, R. (2010). Why flexible and adaptive leadership is essential. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 62(2), 81–93.

4. Transformational Leadership

Farahnak, L. R., Ehrhart, M. G., Torres, E. M., & Aarons, G. A. (2020). The influence of transformational leadership and leader attitudes on subordinate attitudes and implementation success. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 27(1), 98–111.

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