To be in a rage almost all the time

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James Baldwin’s quote is exemplified in Sedan Smith’s words and the reporter’s attempt at redirecting the conversation to the burning gas station. In the second sentence, Baldwin spoke of this kind of double injury to Black people. The first injury is the initial injustice, and the second is the collective indifference to that continuous and ongoing injustice. The reporter embodied this indifference when he tried to shift the focus of the conversation from the police violence that sends Black families’ lives up in flames to the “innocent business owners that are now going up in flames.” In proving Baldwin’s words prophetic, Sedan clarifies the complexity of the situation. There is not simply a gas station burning. There is an entire history of state-sanctioned terror rooted in racism that led to a gas station burning, and if you want that to change, the change must start there. Not with the burning gas station.

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; It must be demanded by the oppressed.” – MLK.

research the context of the quote, and relate it to a relatively current event of racial justice. (like the two examples above). Unlike the examples, you are not limited to interviews, and you are not limited to racial justice in the US. You can use online activism, protests, marches, debates, interviews, sit-ins, any other activity meant to shed light on matters of racial justice.

2. Paste the current event at the top of your post and past the quote underneath it (like the example above).

3. Discuss the quote in relation to the current event (like the examples above).

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