Thoroughly complete all parts to the attached lab

Paper details:

In this lab, you’ll explore the behavior of the upper treeline – where the forested zone gives way to the alpine zone. As Gadd notes, “it’s a rather thick line.” Based on Berdanier’s article, we’ll look at the transition between solid forest, krummholz, and alpine tundra in several sites around the world. We will do the following:

Explore four case studies to get a sense of what alpine treelines look like in different contexts.
Identify mountain treelines around the world using Google Earth and collect latitude, treeline elevation, and other ancillary data from these locations.
Make and analyze a scatter plot of global treeline elevations using the dataset compiled by the entire class.
Lastly, we’ll probe Berdanier’s descriiptions of the biological processes responsible for treeline.
Berdanier’s reading is essential for this lab – please read it if you haven’t already.

A required .kml file is attached for free download at this link:

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