Theory and research in the criminal justice field

Over the years theories always have in being used as guidance in the study and cause of crimes. A standard hypothesis is believed to provide a base upon which manifestation of behavior can be interpreted and understood. However, although theories give practical insight into significant aspects anticipated to explain crime, no one particular theory is capable of explaining all sorts of crimes.

Research methodologies are ways used to get information from people or a phenomenon so as to formulate a hypothesis. It is worthwhile noting that theories are not based on individual perspectives on a subject, but rather it is based on scientific facts.   Methods deployed in criminal justice research are similar to those used in social and behavioral science. The underlying assumption made when using these procedures is that people act in comparable ways.

Research methods are necessary for the criminal justice field as they help us capture the environment as experienced by both criminal and victim. With such revelation, it becomes easy to understand the cause of a crime and makes it easy to formulate measure that might prevent the re-occurrence of such a menace. The theory is related to research method in that theory prescribes the data be collected and research findings avail challenges to the approved theories. Another relation between the two can be harnessed from their roles, the impulsion for research is to develop a method or look for one.

It is true that research conclusions are sound as the statistics and analysis used to obtain results because research is the prime instrument when advancing an agglomeration of knowledge that includes the field of criminal justice (Bachman & Schutt, 2014). Considering that the investigation findings are not person’s opinions, they are not subjected to biasedness or prejudice and hence reliable. With proficient data from scratch, one can be guaranteed that the final results will be equally up to standards


Bachman, R. D., & Schutt, R. K. (2014). Fundamentals of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

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