Theoretical and Scientific Foundations of Nursing

Paper details:

The Assignment:
Part 1: Literature Review of at least 10 scholarly articles:
Using the Walden Library as your source, search to select at least 10 scholarly articles that represent current literature (i.e., published within the previous 5 years) with evidence that addresses your critical question and could inform a practice change initiative for quality improvement. Using the Individual Evidence Summary Tool template document, complete all sections for each article.

The Assignment:
Part 2: Critical Assessment
In a paper of at least 7 pages, plus a cover page and the references page, include the following:

• Write a critical assessment of your search outcomes that synthesizes the evidence from your literature review.



PICOT question. Would the continuance of education for staff, routine visits from the behavioral health counselor, adequate staff support, and appropriate float pool staffing decrease nurse burnout, thereby retaining current mental health staff?

Complete Parts 1 and 2 of your Assignment:

Part 1: Literature Review: Be sure you have completed all required sections of the template (PDF) document.
Part 2: Critical Assessment paper: Reflect on comments from colleagues in response to your Week 10 Discussion post. Apply feedback of value to you in completing your synthesis of evidence to inform a practice change initiative focusing on quality improvement.

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