Theme for Hotel or Resort

The demand for hotels constantly rises due to the desire for people to quench their happiness. The hotel industry serves various clients, such as kids, families, couples, older adults, and tourists. Every client expects to have a sensational experience from a hotel, which would be different from the usual residential feeling. The hotel industry should entertain the clients and create a long-lasting impression that may encourage possible return. Although the demand for hotels is high, investors have bagged lump sums of money in the sector and created a competitive environment. I plan to employ the hotel business strategy to create an undisputed platform where customers will enjoy the services and the environment and overcome competition (Kolau, 2018). People will always seek to book rooms in a hotel if the services rendered are classical.

My hotel will have various colors from the reception, dining rooms, washrooms, and sleeping chambers. The contrasting colors will be carefully selected to form a beautiful pattern that will create a positive feeling in the consumers. The painting could be conspicuous in some sectors, and in some areas, it could take natural colors that are not very bright. Using different creates a mixture of textures that visitors can cherish during their time in the hotel. Color has the power of shifting people into a new dimension of the universe and creating a unique experience. I would also use artistic arts to embellish the appearance of the hotel.  The artistic work should convey some message that the target group can familiarize with and know the services my hotel offers.  Drawings have the effect of encouraging customers to consume from the hotel and shaping a conducive environment. Clients also appreciate the arts’ beauty and may consciously or unconsciously relate the paintings to the hotel’s restaurant services. For instance, a picture of a family enjoying a delicious meal of chicken with enigmatic smiles may lead the customer into a particular interpretation of the message. Visual analysis of arts plays a significant role in building an interpretation used as a market strategy.

The theme of the hotel will also bring the outdoor experience to the hotel system setup. The outdoor environment includes natural and artificial forms. When natural and artificial forms are utilized diligently in the hotel industry, they can create an outstanding atmosphere to capture the customer’s heart. The technique enables travelers to enjoy nature, yet they are confined within the hotel (Kilburn, 2018).  My phenomenal hotel will host gorgeous plants, waterfalls, bridges, fountains, terraces, and jagged outdoor furnishes. The trees, flowers, and grass in the hotel building play a fundamental role in creating a cool breeze and enhancing the attractiveness of the business. I could also cage some animals such as peacocks and monkeys places where customers can enjoy the view without disruptions. The installation of fish species in water tanks can contribute to crafting an impressing sight for customers during the hotel’s stay. The concepts of bringing nature in the hotel corridors can leave a permanent impression on the customers that may help retain the market.

Decorative carpets cover many hotel floors, and it has done a good job of enhancing beauty. However, I would prefer to use vinyl materials on the business floor. The high-quality vinyl floor is flexible and relatively cheaper to set up, and is very attractive. There are different vinyl material styles that I can combine in my restaurant to create a gorgeous floor appearance. I may also use a glass floor in some areas such as the swimming pool and upper floor to embroider the business appearance. The hotel’s lighting system will also set the standards of my hotel to outdo the competition in the market. I will appropriately use a variety of colors in different rooms to enhance the magnificence of the hotel. For instance, at the main entrance, I could use bright lights, and in the dining room, I would use dim lights and illuminate the meal table. The hotel rooms could also accommodate diverse lights to suit the customer specification and flavor the restaurant’s visit. I would also fit automatic light sensors in the hotel system to illuminate specific rooms when clients enter.

People expect to find paradise in hotels, so the furniture, equipment, and material should match the task. The problem with maintaining a luxurious environment is the costs incurred. I can give assets a stylish look by combining metals with other dazzling materials. For instance, polishing the front desk, doors, and frames with silver or gold may mold a welcoming environment. Silver and gold coating gives materials a fancy appearance that every customer would wish to savor in the hotel visit (Kacey, 2020). The bedding material should also be classical to create a feeling that is different from the home experience. The design theme of the hotel should be spacious to accommodate families, meetings, or other gatherings. My hotel would have a special slot where events such as engagement parties or official meetings can be held. Additionally, the hotel business will host auxiliary services such as parking slots and epic washrooms.

The hotel system will use technology in the delivery of services. The rooms of the client will be fixed with a software system where operations can be conducted automatically. Smart room technology enables fast and efficient delivery of services. For example, clients can easily communicate with room attendants through the app without having to call. The software can help enhance the customer’s preference by adjusting the lighting, temperature, or music. Smart room technology also makes things such as opening the door and curtains automatically. At the convenience of a button, the doors can shut, or the clients can access the menu whenever required. Smart room technology plays a vital role in transforming the hotel experience of customers in the hotel. The hotel will also be linked with a strong wifi connection to enable the client to stream their favorite shows on Netflix, Prime, Youtube, and Amazon sites (Kilburn, 2018). An Internet connection helps in boosting the entertainment of the visitors during the vacation.

The business will heavily depend on the internet to progress to high levels. I will create a website where customers can get the experience of the hotel. The website should be simple to use and should guide users about the hotel’s operation. The website becomes highly effective when a unique logo is used, and enticing words are captured along the logo. The design of an outstanding business logo helps in waging an appropriate competition. The website’s menu will inform the customers about the room available; the services rendered, and enable booking (Abishek, 2018).  Moreover, the business will have enough workers to shift to enable a 24 hours working system. I would also narrate hotel success stories and post them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I would preferably capture pictures of families enjoying their moments in the hotel’s beautiful points and share them with the public.

The hotel business would be located at the oceanfront, where travelers like to take vacations. Some parts of the business structure would be floating on the water fitted with a glass floor to give clients a view of the ocean (Lavinia, 2020). I would also cage dolphins and sharks in the ocean section to give the customers an interesting view of the sea creatures. Furthermore, I would keep the hotel prices affordable to encourage consumers from different backgrounds. The restaurant’s target audience would local inhabitants and foreigners at any age bracket. However, the business will mainly target families that seek to enjoy a moment outside the home. I would enhance personal services to my clients to learn more about them and discover other potential consumers.

In conclusion, the hotel industry is a profitable sector that any investor can generate income by venturing into the business. People will always consume the services of hotels since entertainment is part of the human need. However, investors should be innovative if they desire to compete favorably. The hotel’s painting, location, decoration, service delivery system, and operation method determine a business’s effectiveness. The internet is also a vital tool to employ in hotel marketing due to the shift towards a technological world. The workers should also possess effective communication skills and meet the customer’s needs to create a positive experience.


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