The woman who would be king

Paper details:For your response paper on Kara Cooney’s The Woman Who Would be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt, you may choose from one of the three following prompts (be sure that your introductory paragraph makes it clear which one you are responding to). Papers should be between 800-1200 words (approximately 3-5 pages) in length.

You should cite references to specific passages or facts in Cooney’s book or other textbooks by (author, page #), or to course lectures by (course lecture #, slide #). No other outside sources are necessary, but if you choose to use any please include a bibliography/works cited page at the end of your essay, and be sure they are scholarly sources appropriate to a college-level essay.
As with any college-level essay, be sure that your paper includes an introduction with thesis statement of your argument, body paragraphs that support arguments with specific evidence, and a conclusion that re-states your main argument. You can assume your audience (me) is familiar with the facts of Hatshepsut’s life and the content of the book, so please keep plot summary to a minimum.

The chosen prompt is: Why do you think Hatshepsut did what she did? Do you find Cooney’s arguments persuasive, about the reasons both for Hatshepsut’s assumption of the throne as co-king to Thutmose III, and then the transformation of her public image to male? What could have been some other possible explanations? Finally, if you were in Hatshepsut’s position, what would you have done?

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