The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Towards the end of the novel, Karenin suffers from cancer which began as a wound on the dog’s foot. This significantly depresses Tereza who show how she prefers the company of animals in comparison to that with people. The death of the dog it definitely cannot be the end of the novel as life must still go on. We would want to know how the life of the characters continues. For instance, we would want to know if Tereza will be more intimate with fellow human beings as she seeks comfort.

We notice that the author compares the feelings that Tereza had towards Tomas and Karenin. She is selfless when it comes to affection towards animals and seems to be comfortable and secure when around her dog.  On the contrary, her love for Tomas is uneasy and insecure. This portrays human love as needy and selfish. This is because to guarantee security parties involved in any relationship must go the extra mile of doing things just for the sake of pleasing each other. But when it comes to an animal this is not the case as it does not have the ability to reason and fully express itself.

With the passing of the dog, Tomas would certainly realize that Tereza was overly attached to it than she was to anyone else. This could make him jealous and trigger questions like why he is not able to receive such affection from Tereza. Therefore the novel cannot come to a wrap with the death of Karenin, but rather more events are prone to come up.