The Story of an Hour Analysis Essay

The Story of an Hour

“The Story of an Hour” was written by Kate Chopin. The tale is about a lady who had a weak heart that had allegedly lost her husband in a fatal railway accident. As the narration begins, we are informed breaking news of the death of Brently Mallard to Mrs. Mallard was not an easy task since she had a heart trouble. However, her sister Josephine managed to tell her the terrifying report. Brently’s friend Richards is also present as he was among the first people to hear of the accident in the newspaper office.

Mrs. Mallard whimpered in Josephine’s hands before running away to her room to be by herself. Without making any movements, she threw her face on the cushion of a chair and cried immensely. Although Louise was a young lady with a beautiful and calm face that showed strength her eyes were all dull as she gazed into the sky (Chopin). The manner in which she glanced could show the grief her heart was going through and the many thoughts crossing over her mind. It was as if she was waiting on for something which she did not know what it was. The author makes us understand that the way Mrs. Mallard felt at that point could not be put into words.

The mourning wife tries to comfort her self by saying now she would no longer have to live for someone else in the coming years. She believes that she will be free and have no one bend her will. In this brief moment of illumination Louise despite this act being of kind intention or cruel she viewed it as a crime. Nonetheless, she still loved her husband. Josephine went up to Louise room and tries to plead with her to unlock the door. In as much as no one denies her time to more the sister is concerned Mrs. Mallard might make herself ill.

She finally arose, unlocked the door for her sister and together they came down the stairs to the bottom where Richards was waiting for them. Immediately they see some trying to open the door, and they are hesitant who it might be as they were not expecting anyone. Surprisingly the alleged dead husband walks in carrying an umbrella and a gripsack. Fortunately for him, he was quite far from the railway accident, and he had no idea of the disaster. Brently Mallard stood perplexed at Josephine sob and Richard’s swift motion to screen Louise from seeing him (Chopin). Unfortunately, the wife had already laid lies on Brently, and her heart could not take it. When physicians examined her, they reported that she died of joy that kills.

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We are made to believe that the shock of discovering that her husband was not dead is what killed Mrs. Mallard. According to the doctors, Louise had undergone a chain of unexpected events within a short span of time which was too much for her to stomach. She had had to strain a sudden grief and then a sharp relief. When Brently was dead in Louise thoughts, she started appreciating the possibilities of personal liberty. Then it is also likely that “the joy that kills” was her realizing that if her husband is still alive, she will not be free and might not be anytime soon. Therefore the reappearance of Mr. Mallard was depriving Louise her joy.

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