The Social Functioning of Faena Forum

The Faena Forum is located in Miami Beach, Florida, in the United States. The building was designed by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and is owned by the Faena group. The Faena Forum faces the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Creek directly, which provides a water view for its clients. The building was predominantly designed for social and cultural interaction and to promote artistic activities in Miami Beach.  The Faena District also has restaurants, hotels, and a residential and public environment that provide accommodations to a considerable number of people. Therefore, the Faena Forum was also designed to provide a social and cultural environment for visitors who consume the services of the Faena District (Architect, 2016). The Faena Forum was also designed to promote artistic activities and host business functions.

The Faena Forum has a flexible open space that allows people to hold a variety of events and also creates the impression of an accommodating environment. The vast spaces can host music concerts and are decorated with beautiful traditional galleries, creating a hospitable environment.  The Faena Forum’s cylindrical-shaped hall enhances the flexibility of the hall to hold exhibitions, projects, business meetings, and other events. The Faena Forum has 350 unique windows, which maximize light intensity for social interactions and provides a magnificent view of the Indian Creek and the Atlantic Ocean on the upper floors. The building also has a theater and technical features which allow effective communication and utilization of sound. Faena Forum’s upper floor has a 40-foot dome with a spacious floor that allows large-scale artistic activities and the Indian Creek view. The building also has an interior spiral walkway and balcony to provide additional seating for their clients (Architect, 2016).


The image shows the aerial ground plan of Faena Forum. Image sourced from

The image shows the Faena Forum’s plan with people inside the building. Image sourced from

The image shows people in Faena Forum. Image sourced from

The image shows the social dimensions of Faena Forum. Image sourced from

The image shows people’s social interaction in Faena Forum. Image sourced from

The image shows the sketch of Faena Forum with people inside the drawing. Image sourced from


Architect. (2016, December 1). Faena forum

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