The Role of Media Portrayal in Raising Substance Use Among Young Adults

  • Type: Other / Literature Review
  • Subject: Communications
  • Topic: The Role of Media Portrayal in Raising Substance Use Among Young Adults
  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 12 pages/double spaced (3300 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 10
  • Extra features: Abstract page

Order instructions: I would like an 11 to 12 page literature review in APA 7 format on the topic “The Role of Media Portrayal in Raising Substance Use Among Young Adults.” The paper needs to have ten academic peer reviewed sources, but I’ve already done an annotated bibliography on five sources (which I’ll include in uploaded files) which you can use for this paper so you only need to find five more. Additionally, I will upload my topic paper so you can have a better idea of what the topic is exactly you’re writing about. I’ll also include a reference sample literature my professor provided just in case you need reference on how to format it.
Also, here are my professor’s instructions:
Gather scholarly articles to help you develop the expertise that you need to design your own study. The articles you summarized and critiqued earlier can be a good starting point for your literature review. With this step, you are becoming an expert in your research area. This step involves acquiring in-depth knowledge about
what researchers before you have learned about topics related to your research question; how researchers before you have studied topics related to your research. In other words, you are interested in both content (what is known) and method (how it is known). You look at past research to build a solid foundation for your proposed research.
To begin this part of the proposal, look at your research topic.
Make a list of the different subject areas with which you need to become familiar in order to create a proposal with specific research questions.
Search scholarly databases to collect relevant and recent studies on your topic. Your literature review should include at least 10 journal articles, along with other sources related to your topic.
Next, read the studies you’ve collected and analyze/synthesize them to generate an in-depth picture of the body of knowledge on your topic.
Use these databases to start your search (they are accessible through JMU Libraries):
Communication & Mass Media Complete
Academic Search Complete
Any topical database relevant to your topic (e.g., Women’s Studies International, SPORTDiscus, Political Science Complete, Environment Complete, and so ).

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