The Roads I Have Traveled Essay”


The Roads I Have Traveled Essay”

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The Roads I Have Traveled Essay”
Due Aug 11 by 11:59pm Points 5 Submitting a text entry box or a file upload Available Jun 21 at 12am – Aug 11 at 11:59pm about 2 months
Assignment No. 5: Thursday, March 4: The Roads I have Traveled Essay Due.

Write a 500 – 750 word essay addressing the following questions:

How have you changed during your time at Becker?
What accounts for these changes?
What difference has your learning made in your intellectual, personal and ethical development?
How has your learning been relevant/applicable/meaningful to your life and work?
What are the proudest highlights of your learning?

What have been your greatest disappointments?
Do not answer questions separately. This is to be a fluid narrative. Students are encouraged to begin the narrative with a quote that is particularly meaningful to them as learners.

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