The power of language


The power of language

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Assignment Instructions
As you complete the lessons in this unit, you will learn about some of the different ways that language can be used to help achieve a goal, share a message, and honor a person or idea. You will apply these ideas in your own project.

you will plan and execute a creative argument that demonstrates the power of language. The project will focus on a contemporary or historical subject of your choice, and it will involve presenting an argument supported by information.

The following are a number of possible subjects for your unit project. Some subjects are contemporary in nature, dealing with present-day figures or issues, while others are historical in nature, dealing with figures or issues of the past. As you consider which subject appeals to you most, consider your interest areas and the resources available to you.

Contemporary Subjects
•the importance of voting
•protecting the environment
•offshore drilling
•nuclear proliferation
•funding for the arts
•the Quaker tradition
•the women’s suffrage movement
•the civil rights movement
•William Lloyd Garrison
•John Brown

•Essay: Write an argumentative essay of at least five paragraphs on a contemporary or historical subject. The essay must convey your stance on the topic and be supported by evidence. Include visual or graphic elements to support your arguments.

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